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Custom MVC4 bundling for timezoneJS tz data

I am using the timezoneJS to provide time zone support for JavaScript running in an MVC4 website that is hosted in Azure. The JavaScript library is bundled with 38 zone files under a tz directory. My understanding is the library reads these zone files in order to correctly determine time zone offsets for combinations of geographical locations and dates.

The library downloads zone files from the web server as it requires. The big thing to note about the zone files are that they are really heavily commented using a # character as the comment marker. The 38 zone files in the package amount to 673kb of data with the file “northamerica” being the largest at 137kb. This drops down to 232kb and 36kb respectively if comments and blank lines are striped. That’s a lot of unnecessary bandwidth being consumed. MVC4 does not understand these files so none of the OOTB bundling strip the comments. The bundling support in MVC4 (via the Microsoft.Web.Optimization package) will however allow us to strip this down to the bare data with a custom IBundleBuilder (my third custom bundler – see here and here for the others).

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Preventing passive federation for Web Api under a MVC4 website

I have an ASP.Net MVC4 website that is running passive federation to Azure ACS. This works great for standard http requests from a browser. I have now added some web api services to the same solution but hit issues with acceptance testing.

I have secured my api action using the following.

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Supporting XML transformation on multiple configuration files

Visual Studio has a great feature for web.config files where XML transformations can be done based on the current configuration. This is typically actioned when the web application is published. Unfortunately the MSBuild scripts only cater for web.config. This is a problem when you start to break up your configuration into multiple files and link them back using the configSource attribute.

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How do Parallel methods behave on a single core machine?

I’ve been wondering about this for a long time. None of the reading that I’ve done has conclusively answered this question. It just so happens that I’ve been developing in a VM for the last couple of months. I got the chance tonight to downgrade the VM specs to a single core to run some tests. The results were very pleasing, yet completely unexpected.

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Bridging the gap between Font Awesome, Twitter Bootstrap, MVC and Nuget

I’m working on an MVC project which pulls in lots of Nuget packages. Font Awesome was the latest package but there is a discrepancy in the locations for the font files between the css url references and the location that the Nuget package uses for the MVC project. The css files use a reference to font/ relative to the current resource. The Nuget package puts all the resources into Content/font/.

I don’t want to change either the css file from the Nuget package or the location of the fonts used by the Nuget package. Doing so will just cause upgrade pain when a new version of Font Awesome gets released to Nuget.

I looked at custom routing options but these just seemed to cause more problems than they solved. It then dawned on me that I could use an IBundleBuilder implementation now that I know how they work.

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MVC bundling and line comments at the end of files

Recently the bundling and minification support in ASP.Net MVC4 have been causing grief with JavaScript’s having unexpected tokens. The minification process is failing to process the bundle of scripts correctly, although it does kindly add a failure message to the top of the bundle output.

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Beware of returning IEnumerable in a Web Api action

I have been hitting an issue with MVC4 Web Api where my global error handling filters were not executed. The only advice out there is that they will not execute if the action throws an HttpResponseException.

I have finally figured out that returning a lazy IEnumerable instance will also cause the global error handler to not execute. In fact, it won’t cause controller or action level exception filters to execute either.

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Dynamic realm discovery for federated authentication

I have a web role (RP) running in Windows Azure that uses ACS 2.0 as the identity provider (IP). The web role is configured with a certificate to work with the authentication negotiation and subsequent security session. The certificate supports both and The issue is that the federation authentication configuration of the web role can only specify one realm and the realm attribute is a required value.

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