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Recommended reading for developers

Posted on February 17, 2010

I was reminded this morning of an email that I sent to the junior developers on my team when they joined us. It is an overview of some of the development practices, patterns and products that they would get exposed to on our project. I have included it here as a reference collection for others.

Principles and Patterns

These are things that I often use and are still learning to use.

Jeremy Miller also writes a series called Patterns in Practice for MSDN Magazine (see list at They are all a good read, especially:


These are tools that are good to get experience using. Most of them relate to the patterns above. There are other tools used like ReSharper, dotTrace, StyleCop, WinMerge etc, but they don’t have the up skill requirement that the following tools do.

Probably the most important tool to start using is Rhino Mocks. The only way to get experience with it is to start writing unit tests in VS. See the documentation at