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WPF UserControls can't be found by the Orcas IDE

I have created some WPF UserControls, but referencing them in XAML is causing grief in the VS IDE. If I have a UserControl that is in the applications assembly, I set up the namespace mapping with something like the following:

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Navigating XBAP to a different page

Surprisingly, one of the first major problems I had with WPF was when I tried to figure out how to navigate to a new WPF page inside an XBAP application. Sure, there are a few controls which encapsulate this functionality (like the Frame and Hyperlink controls), but I wanted to fire a navigation from a button click or double click of a listbox item. I was researching the net for a day and a half and coming up empty.

Could it be this difficult? Should it be? The answer to these questions is no, but there just isn’t enough information out there because WPF is still and emerging technology that is not widely adopted (it’s still only just turned RC1 after all).

One of the bits of information I came across was from the MSDN Magazine. I found the following code sample a little suspect though:

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Feeling the love

I just got a comment that I hadn’t posted about my first week in the new job and how great the people are here (People read my blog???). Well, this one’s for you Pants.

I’ve just started my second week. Last week I was introduced to a ton of great people. I experienced some desk hopping and the varied accuracy skills that people have with small soft balls. As mentioned previous, I have also been very privileged to be able to do some work with WPF which is a whole world of fun. Unfortunately I don’t have access to IM or GMail though (so no AusDotNet [:(]).

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WPF - The beginning

In my new job, I have been tasked with the great opportunity of building a prototype application in WPF. The .Net 3.0 RC1 came out last weekend so I have been using these latest bits. It has been a very interesting experience getting my hands dirty with WPF, but it has been difficult for the last few days without VS integration. Thankfully, the extensions for VS2005 came out last night. Grab them here.

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TechEd - Afternoon of Day 3

Well, we have reached the end of TechEd. The last session I went to was _Advanced Windows Presentation Foundation: Integrating With Your Windows Forms Applications & The Web _by Arik Cohen. This was a really fascinating session as Arik presented the possibilities for WPF in windows applications and in the browser. I think the thing I liked most about this is that you can create your WPF application with the rich user experience, but host it in the browser which will also constrain the application to the security context of the browser. I think this will be a great selling point as it provides a rich user experience while maintaining the benefits of Internet based applications.

I asked Arik the question about what the implications are for WPF applications being used through a Remote Desktop session. My reasoning for the question is that remote desktop sessions normally pass bitmap images between the machines, but for WPF that renders in DirectX and often has animations, this isn’t going to come across very well as a series of bitmaps, especially over a slow connection. Arik said that they are making changes to remote desktop so that WPF will send instructions rather than bitmaps so it will be the connecting client that will process the rendering and behaviours rather than send bitmaps. Very cool!

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TechEd - Morning of Day 3

I was quite surprised that most people were up and awake after the night before. I do know of a couple of people who partied hard at the nightclub, then went on from there. They didn’t quite make the first session, but managed to get there for the second session of the day.

My first session for the day was ASP.NET 2.0 Tips and Tricks by Scott Guthrie. I had previously seen the PowerPoint deck and the code for this presentation from previous times Scott has presented it throughout the year. Even though I was reasonably familiar with the content, it was really good to listen to Scott as he discussed each of the items in the session. He was able to add a lot of information and background to the slides. He also answered a lot of really good questions from the audience.

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TechEd - Afternoon of Day 2

The first session I went to this afternoon was ASP.NET: End-to-End - Building a Complete Web Application Using ASP.NET 2.0, Visual Studio 2005, and IIS 7 (Part 2) by Scott Guthrie. Like Part 1 before lunch, I really enjoyed this session even though I didn’t learn anything new.

The second session I went to was Visual Basic: Tips, Tricks and Futures by Bill McCarthy and Geoff Appleby. Bill and Geoff presented some interesting tips and tricks for VB.Net and the IDE (with several of plugs for Bill’s projects :) ). I did get a chuckle out of their project working when it was supposed to break and breaking when it was supposed to work. I guess I got off light with only one demo glitch with my session. Hehe, bad luck boys :P.

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