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Wizard framework RC released

I have been working on a winforms wizard framework for a while when I get the chance. My aim with this project is to be able to create a reusable framework for wizard style dialogs and pages for the 2.0 .Net framework.

The first RC version of my WizardUI has been released on CodePlex. I would appreciate any comments. You can find the release here.

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Be careful of code clean-up's when you have WF projects

I am really enjoying using WCF and WF in my development. While playing with the new toys can be frustrating at times, it is a whole lot of fun. There are a few gotchas though. The one I want to highlight here is the “Find All References” support in the IDE. Here is a scenario that can bite you.

Let’s say that I am using PolicyActivities to do pre and post condition validation. I may also be using them to change data in the workflow based on rules. For example, I might need to do some business to data object mapping. To neatly achieve this conversion while avoiding a CodeActivity, I can have a rule in the PolicyActivity that calls a static method on a converter class. Now that my solution is created, I want to clean up the code to make sure I don’t have redundant methods.

In order to check if a method is being used, I would normally have used the find all references feature to see if the method is being used anywhere, but here’s the kicker. This feature (from what I can guess) only looks at code that will be compiled down to IL. This will not work when the method exists in a rules file because the rules file is simply compiled as an embedded resource.

When you have WF projects included in your solution, run a text search for the method, searching all files in the solution (not just *.cs files). Oh, and always re-run your tests after you can any code.

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Last hurrah for the red dobok

Given my impending fatherhood, there have to be changes and sacrifices. I have been instructing beginners and intermediates at Taekwondo for about a year and a half. Tonight was the last night for me as an instructor so I have to give up the cool “go faster” intermediate instructor’s red dobok. Pity, I liked that one.

Instructors dobok

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Adding workflows to a non-WF project

I have been building up a project that I need to add workflows to, only I didn’t create the project as a workflow project. This means that when I go to add a new item, I get the standard options along with WPF file types and even an option for a WCF service, but no workflow options.

After using WinMerge to compare the project file with a workflow project file, these are the actions I took:

  1. Add references to System.Workflow.Runtime, System.Workflow.ComponentModel and System.Workflow.Activities.
  2. Open the project file in notepad and make the following changes
  3. Add the following to the first Project/ProjectGroup element (it should contain the assembly details) :

Given the name of the ProjectTypeGuids element, I am guessing that the guids should be the same for everyone, but you might have to compare the guids found in a new workflow project to you can create.

  1. Add the following after the CSharp.targets Import element under the Project element:
<Import Project="$(MSBuildExtensionsPath)\Microsoft\Windows Workflow Foundation\v3.0\Workflow.Targets" />
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File URI's

This is one of those things that I have often thought about, but has never seemed important enough to read up on. I had always wondered why I often saw three slashes at the beginning of a file Uri. Now I know.

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