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Octopus Deploy Build Agent Permissions

Posted on June 8, 2017

I’ve been using Octopus Deploy for many years across many companies and projects. I am either connecting to it from a build agent via VSTS or on-premise TFS. From a security point of view we want to have the VSTS/TFS build agent having the least permissions required for it to work with Octopus Deploy. This post lists the permissions required to make this work.

I use VSTS/TFS build agents to publish packages into the Octopus Deploy in-built package feed and create releases. Everything else is triggered from within Octopus Deploy regarding deployments.

My configuration is to create a new Role in Octopus Deploy called Build Agents. I then add a build service account to Octopus and generate an API key for it. This API key is then stored in VSTS/TFS for communicating with Octopus via a build.

The Build Agents role requires the following permissions

  • BuiltInFeedPublish
  • DeploymentCreate
  • EnvironmentView
  • FeedView
  • LibraryVariableSetView
  • LifecycleView
  • MachineView
  • ProcessView
  • ProjectView
  • ReleaseCreate
  • ReleaseView
  • VariableView