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Quick Poll–UX of UI navigation for list with a single item

Posted on February 16, 2012

I’m after some feedback from the community regarding the UX of UI navigation when dealing with a list of items where there is only one item in the list.

I have a scenario in a UI where there is a list of subscriptions for a user account. Most of the time (~>90%) there will only be one subscription. There are two options for handling this.

  1. Always display the list when the user navigates to the list UI and force the user to manually select the only item available
  2. Automatically redirect the user to the item display screen if there is only one item

Option #1 is consistent but includes an unnecessary navigation (+ human intervention). Option #2 is streamlined, but provides an inconsistent UX when the list changes to have a second item.

I have leant towards #2 because of the expected metrics of my specific scenario in addition to it being more streamlined. The point of inconsistency is a thorn in my side however.

Thoughts? Votes? Any UX experts want to shed some opinions?