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Executing build tasks without a build server – Design

Posted on July 1, 2011

At work we run TFS2010 with build controllers, build agents and lab management. I have customised the build workflow so that we can get a lot more functionality out of the automated build process. Some of these customisations are things like:

  • Finding the product version number
  • Incrementing the product version number
  • Updating the build name with the new product version
  • Updating files prior to compilation
  • Updating files after compilation
  • Building Sandcastle documentation
  • Deploying MSIs to remove servers
  • Filtering drop folder output (no source, just build output like configuration files, documentation and MSIs)

I use Codeplex at home for my personal projects. This means that I don’t get all the goodness that comes with TFSBuild in 2010. I still want the automatic version management functionality listed above however. I have the following functionality requirements to make this happen:

  • Determine the current product version number
  • Increment the product version number
    • Must be done prior to any project compilation
  • Sync Wix project versioning with product version number
    • Needs to happen before wix project compilation
    • Needs to cater for wix variables being used for version information
  • Allow TFS checkout for files under source control
    • This is important so that incremented version numbers continue to increment from previous version under source control
    • Must also cater for when solution is loaded without TFS availability (broken source control bindings etc)
  • Push product/wix version into wix output name
  • Failure to execute these actions successful will fail the solution/project build
  • No installation required
  • No configuration required

    • All customisation of tasks is done using command line arguments
  • Extensible using MEF

    • Again, no configuration required to add new tasks

The next post will outline how I was able to make this happen using an extensible MEF task based application.