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Updated CodeCampOz presentation abstract

The preparations for my CodeCampOz presentation have come a long way as has my understanding of the subject matter. I have tweaked my presentation abstract as a result. The new abstract is the following:

Not a WIF of federation

The Windows Identify Foundation (WIF) provides the latest Microsoft implementation for working in the claims-based identity space. WIF has particular strengths in providing federated security for systems that target users across multiple security domains, multiple credential types and multiple credential stores.

Developers of small systems may find it difficult to understand how WIF fits into their system design. Small systems tend to have their own security store, do not cross security domains and may not even run within an Active Directory managed domain. How do developers leverage claims-based security when they do not require federated security?

This session will provide a brief introduction to claims-based security and then look at how to implement WIF in ASP.Net and WCF applications without federation dependencies. It will then extend this to include a federation capable architecture.

Written on November 3, 2010