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GhostDoc feature in hiding - Roland already has the goods!

Posted on March 18, 2009

As I was writing and using my custom GhostDoc rules (here and here), I was thinking that it would be nice if GhostDoc was able to clear the existing documentation and then apply the DocumentThis command. I emailed Roland Weigelt about the feature idea not realising there is a forum for feature requests. He quickly replied saying that the feature is already there albeit undocumented. This is exactly what I was after.

If you open up the keyboard bindings and do a search for GhostDoc, you will find a RebuildDocumentation command.

GhostDoc keyboard bindings

I have assigned the RebuildDocumentation to a Ctrl+Shift+D, Ctrl+Shift+R combination and changed DocumentThis to Ctrl+Shift+D, Ctrl+Shift+D combination. Roland said to make sure that the new keyboard binding is only used in Text Editor (as highlighted above).