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Visual Studio Tip - Escape without fear

Posted on August 27, 2008

I read the Visual Studio Tip: Disable F1! post a few weeks ago and was very tempted to take the advice to remove the F1 keyboard mapping in Visual Studio. I kept it because sometimes I do actually want to open help. The problem is I keep missing ESC and hitting F1.

I’ve finally cracked. It is just too annoying, especially when you haven’t opened help yet and it takes a long time to come up. I’ve got a different take on the solution though. Because I still want access to help, rather than removing the F1 keyboard mapping, I’ve changed it to F1, F1. A double tap on the F1 key is much more deliberate.

Kudos to Andrew Stevenson who inadvertently provided the title to this blog in his comment in the above mentioned post.