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ReSharper for VS2008

I came across this post about the direction of ReSharper for VS2008 via a Scott Guthrie post. It is good to hear where ReSharper is going now that VS2008 has been out for a couple of weeks.

I am using VS2008 with a ReSharper beta and for the most part it is working fine. I have read about people having many problems with the beta, but I haven’t had that many issues. I think a buggy ReSharper is certainly better than no ReSharper. I tried going back to VS refactoring and it was so unproductive.

I find it unfortunate that some people are giving the ReSharper team a hard time for not getting a new version out sooner given that VS betas have been around for quite a while. Perhaps they have no idea how much work would be involved in developing and testing something like ReSharper. Maybe they also haven’t heard about work/life balance. Those kinds of negative comments don’t help developers motivation to get the work done.

I am looking forward to the next ReSharper version. Obviously sooner is better than later, but stable and reliable is better than sooner. [:)]

Written on November 28, 2007