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What are the best refactor and profiler tools for VS2005?

Posted on May 3, 2007

If you have some experience with refactoring or profiling tools (preferably with experience of multiple tools), I would be really interested to know what you think.

For refactoring tools, the pick seem to be either JetBRAINS ReSharper or DevExpress RefactorPro. ReSharper is $250 and seems to have similar functions to RefactorPro which weighs in at $99 with free updates for a year, or $250 if bundled with CodeRush. There is also JustCode and C# Refactory but these both seem to be less mature compared to ReSharper and RefactorPro.

As far as profiling tools go, I don’t have much of an indication. There is the CLR Profiler, .Net Memory Profiler, ANTS Profiler and JetBRAINS dotTrace.

Are there any other contenders worthy of the calling that I have missed?