TFS alerts for changes to NuGet packages

I’ve been a little late to the NuGet bandwagon. Overall I am really happy with the service that NuGet provides. It is not all smooth sailing though and the following are the pain points I have hit:

  • Packages aren’t all strong named so our solution can’t be either
  • Package dependencies being updated might break other packages that depend on them
  • The amount of binding redirects added to config files is not always desirable and don’t always work
  • TFS get latest on a solution does not bring down NuGet package changes

I did have an idea about how to at least raise the awareness of new and updated NuGet packages in a solution to a team that uses TFS. Using the new Team Alerts feature in TFS 2012 will do the job. A custom TFS alert can notify the developers of a check in to the packages directory. The setup looks something like this:

Ensure that you have a Developers TFS team in the project.


Add a new Checkin alert that watches a specific path.


Configure the path as contains packages.


All done.

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