Updated Neovolve BE support in CodePlex

I have released the new versions of my BE related projects in CodePlex.

Neovolve.BlogEngine.Web 1.1

Neovolve.BlogEngine.Web 1.1 contains a redirector module that translates Community Server url formats into BlogEngine urls. This module will redirect Community Server pages, posts, month post lists, day post lists, tags, syndication and tagged syndication urls to the most appropriate location in BlogEngine. BlogEngine relies on its own friendly written urls when the urls are processed. This module cannot rewrite Community Server urls as BlogEngine will not be able to understand what the requested resource is. The module must redirect requests to the equivalent BlogEngine friendly url so that BlogEngine url writing can occur such that resources are resolved correctly.

In Community Server, tags and categories are the same thing and it supports tag filtering by allowing multiple tags to be defined. BlogEngine supports both tags and categories as separate entities and has a concept of a category hierarchy, but doesn't support tag filtering. When a Community Server url is encountered where multiple tags are defined, the first Community Server tag in the url that can be matched to either a BlogEngine category or tag will be the resource used to response to the client request. Preference is given to categories over tags.

Neovolve.BlogEngine.Extensions 1.2

Contains updated CatTagLink, Snippets and SyntaxHighlighter extensions.

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