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I have no idea why, but today I just thought that I should look at a moblog. The option seems to suddenly be open to me now that I have a phone with a decent data plan. Because I know Grant has a moblog, I quickly searched his site and came across this post. I started to get my head around how each piece of the puzzle fits together and did some reading. Funnily enough, the process was hampered a little bit because I missed a critical tidbit of information.


I knew that Flickr was in the mix somewhere, but it didn't register that this was the part that took the email and turned it into a blog post. I kept reading about how I could get from a photo store into a blog. I had a look at moblogging platforms around, but you have to pay annual subscriptions to get it working under your own domain. After I finally read Grant's post in more detail and realised the important step that Flickr plays, I thought that [BE] would be the perfect choice.

This was really easy to set up. I put a new copy of a [BE] site on the server and created a new website using moblog as the host header. After configuring the site, I then hooked it up with my Flickr account. After a couple of tests, I quickly had photos coming from my phone, through to Flickr via email, then pushed out to my new moblog. It really couldn't be easier.

Thanks Grant for your help in pointing me in the right direction.

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