Want to develop on Vista?

So I now have my new laptop which came bundled with Vista Home Premium. After I had it set up, I then started on some development.

First time I hit F5, I get an error saying that I can't debug IIS based projects because of an authentication problem. I'm thinking that I just don't have the Windows features installed as required to support this. I would be right, but what I soon learn is that there is a restriction that Vista Home Premium doesn't support Windows authentication in IIS.

Are you kidding me! How many developers are going to end up with Home Premium expecting to do IIS development using Windows auth. This is nuts. What really rubs salt into the wound is that I could have got Vista Business bundled with the laptop for an extra $9, if only I had read this fine post. Unfortunately Microsoft's feature comparison chart of the Vista editions didn't quite go to this level of detail.

Do I blame Microsoft? No, it is my fault for not doing enough detailed research, but such fine detail is not easy to identify when choosing the correct Vista edition. To cover your bases, I think people are just going to have to get Vista Ultimate to avoid the risk of not having some little specific bit of functionality.

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