What are the best refactor and profiler tools for VS2005?

If you have some experience with refactoring or profiling tools (preferably with experience of multiple tools), I would be really interested to know what you think.

For refactoring tools, the pick seem to be either JetBRAINS ReSharper or DevExpress RefactorPro. ReSharper is $250 and seems to have similar functions to RefactorPro which weighs in at $99 with free updates for a year, or $250 if bundled with CodeRush. There is also JustCode and C# Refactory but these both seem to be less mature compared to ReSharper and RefactorPro.

As far as profiling tools go, I don't have much of an indication. There is the CLR Profiler, .Net Memory Profiler, ANTS Profiler and JetBRAINS dotTrace.

Are there any other contenders worthy of the calling that I have missed?

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