Red Gate picks up Reflector

Read the 'official' interview here. I really don't know what to think about this. I definitely don't like the phrase "free for download" because it can be very misleading. James Moore has been more explicit in other posts by saying that existing functionality will remain free for download and use. I'm supportive of this move if this is the case and I hope that Red Gate can add value to this product. While it is one of the best .Net tools around, it isn't perfect. I think this brings great risk ... [More]

Give me the media and the Ultimate Boot CD

My dad bought a laptop that came with the typical factory image full of junk. It crashed constantly, didn't detect the anti-virus that was installed and wouldn't allow me to activate Windows Defender. It also only had the system partition for data. All good reasons for a rebuild. HP kindly don't offer media for recovery though. Not being familiar with this, I wiped the system drive for a rebuild without first burning the recovery partition to a DVD. After lots of attempts at recovery and install... [More]

GetPublicKey - InternalsVisibleTo

I posted previously about using the InternalsVisibleTo attribute for unit testing and how I had come across David Kean's very helpful PublicKey application. I have been using this application for the last month or so and it has been great, until yesterday. I changed the snk file used by my solution. This caused an interesting Catch-22 situation. AssemblyA couldn't compile because it had an InternalsVisibleTo attribute pointing to AssemblyATest, which now has the wrong PublicKey val... [More]

Windows Live Writer Released

I guess this is good news, but I am not so eager as I once was about this product. While I think the product itself is absolutely fantastic, the installer experience of Beta 3 left a very sour taste. I still have the same issues with the unified installed which won't work behind a corporate environment, but at least my default IE search provider is no longer overwritten when I specifically ask it not to. It is still rude that the "option" is selected by default, like I must have become bored of ... [More]

Getting the PublicKey for InternalsVisibleTo

Using the InternalsVisibleTo attribute is great for allowing unit tests in an external assembly to directly call types and methods marked as internal. The problem for strong named assemblies is that you need to specify the public key of the unit test assembly in the attribute declaration. I found that David Kean produced a little utility app to make life easy. Thank you very much!

Virtual CloneDrive

Just came across a nice little utility for mounting ISO images called Virtual CloneDrive. I have used DAEMON Tools for a long time, but the lack of explorer integration is annoying. Last time I used it, it also contained malware which is concerning. After a quick test, Virtual CloneDrive is really easy to use and super fast.

Sorting Windows Workflow rules

I've been having some issues with [WF] rules files over the last few weeks. I am using code generation to build some services that use workflow's in the business layer. The problems start when I run a code generation after editing the workflow rules and want to compare the difference. The result tends to be something like this for what is actually the same content: This is even a tame example. I have had full color difference indicators before. The reason for thi... [More]

Using WinMerge with TFS

Someone at work was kind enough to figure out the correct command line switches to use in order to replace the standard TFS compare/merge tool with WinMerge. I originally blamed Pants for the info, but he then accused Eddie. Here are the goods: In Visual Studio do the following: Click on Tools menu Click on Options menu item Expand Source Control tree item Select Visual Studio Team Foundation Server tree item Click on Configure User Tools... button Comparing To use WinMerge as the Compare/Diff... [More]

Windows Live Writer Beta 2 Now Available

This is great news. The first beta came out in August so this has been a long time coming. Check it out here. Update: Funnily enough, none of the links that seems to be available actually point to the Beta 2. Click on them and you get the old Beta 1 version. I did track down a valid Beta 2 link in their dev site ( You can download the Beta 2 from here until they fix the links everywhere else.
Rory Primrose | TechEd - Morning of Day 2

TechEd - Morning of Day 2

After my session was finished, I went over to see Payam do his Windows Communication Foundation: Building Secure Services session. I was a little late to this one, but it was a great overview of what you can do with WCF and security.

Given that I haven't had a lot to do with certificates etc, that part of the session was interesting. It's good so see that in WCF there are a lot of security options available. I like the fact that you can encrypt parts of a message rather than taking the hammer approach and encrypting everything.

I think it was good that Payam make a clear distinction between scenarios where you want either no security, want to ensure that the message hasn't been tampered with or where you don't want someone to read part or all of a message. I suspect that most people put message tampering and encryption into the same box but they really are different levels of security.

After the WCF session, I went to ASP.NET: End-to-End - Building a Complete Web Application Using ASP.NET 2.0, Visual Studio 2005, and IIS 7 (Part 1) by Scott Guthrie. Scott was a great speaker with good stage presence and interactions with the audience. Being a seasoned speaker, I think he handled questions throughout the session really well. He answered a lot of questions during the session (and more afterwards) but he didn't let the questions change the direction of the session.

Because I have spent most of my time developing ASP.Net and the last 18 months or so with VS2005, I didn't learn anything new from the session, but I still really enjoyed it.

After Scott's session, I asked why System.Web.Caching is under System.Web namespace and whether it relies on some of the ASP.Net framework code. There is a lot of cool stuff with the caching support with the cache dependencies and cache expiration that would be really useful outside ASP.Net. He said that it was tied to ASP.Net in some small ways. From memory, he said that they were planning on releasing caching support outside ASP.Net, but there is also caching support today in the Caching Application Block in the Enterprise Library.

Given that Scott used a lot of his break times to answer questions, he didn't have much time before he was supposed to start Part 2 of his session. I was fortunate to have a one-on-one lunch with him before he had to head off for his next session. It was fantastic to chat with Scott about his work at Microsoft. He was interested to hear about .Net adoption in Australia as well. It was a good chat over good food.

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