TPG changes plans, then changes again

I have been with TPG for years now. As an ISP, they really rock with their plans. I have been on a sweet 1.5Mb plan for $49.95 since I migrated to them from those people that charge the earth but don't give you anything different to any other provider. TPG have since changed my plan earlier this year, but I was able to keep the same price and speed but the shaping just kicked in a little earlier (15Gb I think).

Given that my previous plan was axed just recently, I was surprised that I just got an email saying that due to wholesale broadband pricing, my current plan is no longer available. So now I have a choice. They are offering a free upgrade to an ADSL2+ plan which gives me a 24Mb plan for $49.99, shaped after 18Gb with a static IP.

Hmmmm, might need to think about that one for a little....

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