Sharping like a beer

The first thing I seem to have been bitten by with my adventures into C# from my VB comfort zone is accessing control events from the form designer.

Following my VB instincts, I double click a control to get its default event in the code file, or select an event in the code file that already exists for the control. I go to the top right dropdown list to change to the event I want and.... whoa. This list doesn't display all the possible events for the control. Instead, it displays a list of all the objects, methods, properties and other definitions for the class.

So here is the situation. I have a listbox that I want to wire up dragdrop events for. Is there an easy way to do this with the designer view or the code file view? Perhaps C# people are so keyboard loving that prefer to type in the method declaration and event handler manually?

Probably I am just missing the obvious but it is hard to stop thinking like a beer.

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