VSReady business launch

The VSReady business launch was on yesterday. It was a great opportunity to get an overview of VS2005, SQL2005 and BizTalk2006 (hereby known as VSB) and catch up with some friends. Given that there were really only five hours to present the VSB goods, the Microsoft team and their supporting cast did a fantastic job.

Not everything was smooth sailing though. There were the occasional cases of computer + human = oops. Sometimes just the computer part of the equation is enough to produce problems without any additional help.

Honestly, I think that this is a good thing. There is nothing like getting a good chuckle from Murphy's Law as a perfectly scripted and prepared presentation hits the rare fan speed bump. Given that Murphy is hard to avoid, I have always been impressed with the way the Microsoft presenters have been able to smile sweetly, shrug the shoulders, laugh, and then plow on when things don't go perfectly. I think this comes down to the presenters being a very funny (in a good way) and extraverted bunch of people.

All in all, the presentations were great. I also enjoyed the opportunity to catch up with some old work mates (Geoff, Noonie), the Softies (Frank, Andy and Chuck) and other community members (seriously Athena, where's the blog!).

I wanted to have more of a chat with Frank, Andy and Chuck afterwards, but I had to race off to training (sorry fellas).

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