How good is your host?

Do you ever have issues with your host provider? I used to have terrible problems a couple of years ago. The people who I were using were cheap (happens to be a requirement when the site doesn't make money) and that was represented by their quality of service.

I was recently reminded of how good my hosting provider is. I have been with for a couple of years and the service has always been spot on. The care of their customers is always a top priority to them (it seems more important than the bottom line) and they aren't afraid to admit a mistake. Hey, mistakes happen, but most companies say it didn't happen or point the finger elsewhere. These are the two characteristics of my hoster that I think set them apart from the rest. No wonder they have grown so much.

I have nothing but respect for M6 and I am honoured that they are sponsoring this site. If you need a great host, check them out.

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