Switch - 1.5.6

  • New default skin (plated by plastic)
  • Zoom example now displays what is under the zoom example part of the application when the skin changes (Plastic has a habit of putting his logo's under the zoom example). The drawback of this is that the zoomed image will be lost when the skin is changed.
  • Fixed tooltip color issues when changing skins
  • Added hover states to all skin buttons
  • Added cursor support for all skin components as well as the existing pick and zoom functions
  • Added ability for the user to prevent custom cursors from being used in a skin (auto refreshes skin on change)
  • Added debug support in skin development. Start Switch with the -debug command line parameter. Any problems with loading a skin will be notified to the skin developer.
  • Updated Skin Development Kit (SDK)

Switch has been installed and tested on Windows 98SE, Windows NT4 and Windows 2000. Older Windows systems are unsupported but may still run with this software. Switch may or may not run on any other Windows operating system.

Microsoft Visual Basic 6 runtimes are required to install and run Switch.

Download Switch - 1.5.6
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