Switch - 1.2.0

  • New icons for Switch skin files. Thanks goes out to Scrow for the use of his icons. You can visit Scrow at http://www.virtualplastic.org/scrow.
  • You can now set whether you want ToolTips displayed in Switch. Useful if you are familiar with a skin and don't want the annoying ToolTips being displayed.
  • Opening a Switch skin file (files with the szf file extension) will now run a new instance of Switch with the specified skin.
  • Changed skin transparency implementation. Use -1 in the skin definition file to dynamically use the top left pixel of the main skin image as the transparent color. This is the recommended way of setting a transparent color to use in skins.
  • Switch now remembers the last color selected and loads this as the default color the next time Switch is loaded.
  • Details of the current skin are now displayed in the Options window.
  • Fixed double/fast click issue. If the +/- buttons for RGB and HSL were double clicked, only one click was processed. Fast clicking now works.
  • Removed registration requirement.

Switch has been installed and tested on Windows 98SE, Windows NT4 and Windows 2000. Older Windows systems are unsupported but may still run with this software. Switch may or may not run on any other Windows operating system.

Microsoft Visual Basic 6 runtimes are required to install and run Switch.

Download Switch - 1.2.0
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