For real, I'm ACE. Seriously.

I got an email yesterday from the domain I have been nominated for an ACE (Award for Customer Excellence) for my contributions to the development of Visual Studio 2005. As much as I like to think that people listen to what I say and that I had a huge impact on the VS product line, there just isn't that much justification for my head inflating to that size. Regardless, this completely came out of the blue, so much so that I didn't know whether it was... [More]

12 breaks and other such fun

I have been learning lots of new things at Taekwondo over the last couple of months. The pace has really picked up as well so it is quite a workout. To progress from blue belt (1 tip) to purple belt, I have had to learn three patterns/poomse and lots of board breaks/gyokpa. For patterns, I learnt Sa Jang, O Jang and Yuk Jang. Yuk Jang is definitely my favourite at the moment. Board breaking has been a lot of fun. We practise with re-breakable plastic boards, but we use treated pine boards... [More]

Training pace is picking up

We have been picking up the pace at our Taekwondo club recently. It has been really good getting into a more solid workout. I have been amazed at the amount of fluid I have to drink. This week, I have been going through almost 2 litres of Gatorade in each one hour session. I think I would be going through the full 2 litres if we had another drink break added. I need to get into the habit of drinking more water during the day to help with the hydration before a training session. On the ex... [More]

A job worth doing...

is a job worth doing well. I am not sure if I have done the job well or not, but the result is a lot of pain. I rolled my ankle quite badly at Taekwondo last night. Hurts a lot.

Holiday Taekwondo #2

Last night we had another holiday Taekwondo session that was very similar to last week. We did circuit training instead of our normal program. When we do these crazy fitness sessions, I can't help but think along these lines: At the end of this, I will feel know that I am either alive or dead. Regardless, I will also know that I'm not as young as I used to be.

I Might Have Overdone It - Holiday Taekwondo

Holiday Taekwondo (as in the stuff we do during school holidays) is a little different to normal. For example, rather than focusing on Taekwondo, we do more fitness and self-defense techniques than we would normally do.  On Tuesday night, we did a massive fitness session. Maybe it was too hard, maybe I worked too hard, maybe (probably...) I didn't stretch enough or maybe I am just not fit enough. Regardless of the reasons, it hurt opening my K-time bar this morning. Hmmmm.


The week before last, I was at my normal Taekwondo class where the head instructor was unfortunately sick. As our other instructor was finishing an introductory lesson with a new student, I had to take the class. I have been instructor for about six weeks now which has been a lot of fun, but I hadn't yet taken a class with such a large variety of skill levels as I normal teach the beginners. I was up on this little stage so that everyone could see me, and I was demonstrating the first sets ... [More]


My wife and I started doing TaeKwonDo about six months ago and it has been a lot of fun doing it together. After only three weeks, we were able to do a triple grading to take us from White belt to Orange three tip. Since then we have done a double grading to go to Yellow two tip. The next grading is in a week or so. We will be able to go to Yellow three tip, or maybe double grade again to get to Green belt. I have now been asked if I want to become an instructor. After several weeks thinkin... [More]

Just came back from a little holiday

I have just come back from a little holiday up in the mountains. It seems that Australia has found some new species of Kangaroos and Wombats. Be on the lookout if you are driving on Australia's rural roads. These ones gave me a bit of a giggle too: