TechEd - Afternoon of Day 3

Well, we have reached the end of TechEd. The last session I went to was Advanced Windows Presentation Foundation: Integrating With Your Windows Forms Applications & The Web by Arik Cohen. This was a really fascinating session as Arik presented the possibilities for WPF in windows applications and in the browser. I think the thing I liked most about this is that you can create your WPF application with the rich user experience, but host it in the browser which will also constrain the applicat... [More]

TechEd - Developing Manageable WCF Services

Chris and I got to the presentation room early in the morning so we could setup and make sure everything was sorted. We then went out to have a relaxed breakfast at a cafe on Darling Harbour before the session started at 8:30. I really enjoyed the experience of presenting and just had a blast. There were 135 people registered for the session, but it is hard to know exactly how many came through the door, but we had a full room with some people having to stand. Ashman (Ashley), the technical guy... [More]

TechEd - Afternoon of Day 1

This afternoon I was going to go to a WF session, but I bailed so that I could spend some time on my session, making sure that the demos were going to behave themselves. Oh, forgot to mention. I got to meet Berno this morning which was really good. In the evening, Chris and I were a little late to 'Ask the experts' because we were able to get access to the room we will give our session in. It was helpful to be able to see the room and check that the VPC works from the main VPC server using my la... [More]

TechEd - Morning of Day 1

I had a early start this morning, leaving Canberra at 4:30am in the vain hope of making it to the keynote address at TechEd in Sydney this year. My perfect plan was foiled by traffic on the M5 making me get to the conference at 9:30 rather than the intended 8:30. After checking in, I headed over to my first two sessions. Introduction to the .NET Framework 3.0 and Windows Communication Foundation: Introduction, both of which were presented by Payam Shodjai. These were fantastic sessions and gave ... [More]

TechEd tomorrow

I'll be driving up to Sydney first thing tomorrow morning. I will hopefully get there for the keynote address. If you are going to be at TechEd this year, come over and have a chat. I'll be in the WCF corner for the "ask the experts" bash tomorrow night. I should look reasonably similar to this:

Do they ever look like you thought?

I was doing a few things with a local radio station when I was a teenager and I saw a comic in the broadcast room. I was displaying a child being comforted by his mother after finding out what the radio announcer looked like. I never thought about it until then, but it is interesting how we create some kind of mental picture or impression regarding what well known people look like when we have never seen them before. I am looking forward to meeting Scott Guthrie at TechEd, but do I know what he ... [More]

Bernard, who I am looking forward to meeting at TechEd this week, just posted his speed results. is a really cool idea and a great example of how a good UI makes a great idea even better. I obviously don't work where Bernie does though.

EDM in ADO.Net vNext

I just read this post from the ADO.Net team. Looks like there is going support for entity creation (Entity Data Model - EDM) based on a database schema in the next ADO.Net release. There is nothing more tedious than manually building entities from a schema. Although there are lots of O/R mapping tools around to do this for you, I haven't been happy with the freeware applications available. It is great news that this should find its way into Visual Studio and the framework.

Kingston 1.0

Kingston is a little utility that hosts an IE browser and allows you to provide a different user-agent with the browsers requests to web servers. This is great if you need to test the output of a web server based on a specific browser type. Download: Kingston 1.0 Setup.msi (495.50 kb)


I had seen my team leader use tool a few months ago that if you gave it Xml and an XPath query, it would highlight the nodes that would be selected. XPathmania is a tool that I have just come across that will do exactly that, but as an addon to the VS IDE. Very cool.