Visual Studio Addin - No such interface supported

I'm working on a new [VS] addin that launches a profiling application that in turn runs unit and load tests. I can't recall how I created the project, but it must not have been by using the addin wizard. When I debugged the addin in another instance of [VS], I got an error indicating that the addin couldn't be loaded or threw an exception. The additional information it gave was "No such interface supported". After pulling my hair out for quite a while, the answer was that the Assembly... [More]

Neovolve ReSharper Plugins 1.0 released

I have just released the ReSharper Plugins 1.0 in my NeovolveX extensibility project on [CodePlex]. This plugin formats code as part of the ReSharper code format profiles. The following is a copy of the Using ReSharper Plugins 1.0 documentation on the project site Value Type Alias Formatter The ReSharper Plugins project currently contains a single plugin that provides C# code formatting functionality. This formatting function allows for type declarations to be formatted between their alias... [More]

ReflectorLink 1.0 Released

I have been working on a [CodePlex] project over the last month or so that contains a set of extensibility tools. I have just released ReflectorLink 1.0 which is a [VS] addin that launches [Reflector]. The following is a copy of the Using ReflectorLink 1.0 documentation on the project site. ReflectorLink is a Visual Studio addin that launches Reflector. Before launching Reflector, it checks to see whether Reflector is already running. If it does find Reflector already running, it will set it as ... [More]

Finding the type of UIHierarchyItem.Object

I have written a few addins over the last couple of years and I have always found the object model really painful to deal with. One of the more common problems I have encountered is trying to identify the type of UIHierarchyItem.Object. This is especially common when you deal with the contents of the Solution Explorer window. I only know of one solution for identifying the real type behind the object. You can make a call out to Microsoft.VisualBasic.Information.TypeName(Object) to attempt to re... [More]

When is EnvDTE.Project not an EnvDTE.Project?

When it is a EnvDTE.ProjectItem. I must admit that this one took me by surprise. I am writing a [VS] addin for launching [Reflector] (see the [CodePlex] project here). You can launch Reflector from the tools menu and the Solution Explorer window and code document context menus. This issue came about when I found a bug in my addin while doing some testing. The scenario encountered was that the binary references for projects in Solution Explorer (the Project node and References node) were not res... [More]

WCF Security: Getting the password of the user

A common problem with service security is that username/password security is needed for authentication and authorization at the service boundary, but those same credentials are also required to consume other resources such as a database or underlying service. By default, username/password security will run the authentication and authorization of the credentials but only the username is available to the executing service code. This is typically made available through Thread.CurrentPrincipal.Ident... [More]

GetPublicKey - InternalsVisibleTo

I posted previously about using the InternalsVisibleTo attribute for unit testing and how I had come across David Kean's very helpful PublicKey application. I have been using this application for the last month or so and it has been great, until yesterday. I changed the snk file used by my solution. This caused an interesting Catch-22 situation. AssemblyA couldn't compile because it had an InternalsVisibleTo attribute pointing to AssemblyATest, which now has the wrong PublicKey val... [More]

Wizard framework RC released

I have been working on a winforms wizard framework for a while when I get the chance. My aim with this project is to be able to create a reusable framework for wizard style dialogs and pages for the 2.0 .Net framework. The first RC version of my [WizardUI] has been released on [CodePlex]. I would appreciate any comments. You can find the release here.