Object cache keys and equality

For some bizarre reason (meaning I really don't know why), I have always built cache key values as strings when the key being represented is a set of values. On Friday, my eyes were opened to the fact that it is much better to create a rich object that represents the key values. The question then come down to equality testing of the reference type to make sure that the cache keys are correctly identified. Understanding Equality in C# on [CodeProject] is a concise article that was helpful fo... [More]

CAPTCHA has arrived

Upgrading to CS2007 was really painless, but there was a hole left in my site because of no CAPTCHA support. Well, that has all changed now. A huge thanks and shout out to Brendan who has produced the CAPTCHA goods. His implementation was so easy to install. It leverages the control adapter capabilities of ASP.Net which avoids any impact on the existing code base. Another thing I like about this implementation is that it doesn't require authenticated users to enter the CAPTCHA value. This is a... [More]

Misfire on the keyboard

Every now and then, and sometime more often than that, I happened to not have my fingers on the right keys. The results are usually terrible, but can sometimes be kinda cool. I just tried typing "similar" and came up with "sunukar" instead. Maybe that should be the name of my next piece of software. Following in one of the trends of Microsoft, I have been naming software according to town names. Could this be the new method of generating code names? Just bash the keyboard in semi-random positio... [More]

Free digital certificates from StartCom/StartSSL

I was doing some reading a while ago about digital certificates. The kind of certificate I was after was so that I could use HTTPS in IIS. It looked like the certificates were all very expensive for what they are. I finally came across a post that referred to StartCom. These guys offer free digital certificates for domain or email validation. At this stage, the only hitch is that the CA certificate is not on client machines by default, but can be installed from the StartCom site. Check... [More]

CS url encoding problem on Vista

I have found that I encounter the same problem in CS2007 as I did in 2.1. The tag cloud url encoding converts spaces to the + character. When IIS on my Vista box processes the request, it produces a 404 error. If a %20 combination is used instead, the url is valid. I have checked out the CS2007 source to look at the TagCloud control that is responsible for the rendering of this part of the page. The code winds its way right down to the UrlEncodePathComponent method in the WebHelper class in Tel... [More]

CS2007 installed, but missing CAPTCHA

I got CS2007 installed on my server last night. It was easy enough, but I was quickly hit with comment spam overnight. I can't wait for Dave to release a new version of his awesome CAPTCHA control. Using his control, the only time I got comment spam was one night when someone manually entered about 8 comment spam entries through the CAPTCHA. What a goose!

CodePlex is back, kinda

[CodePlex] suffered from more than a little human error last Tuesday. I just checked my project page for a project that was hosted on tfs03.codeplex.com. The project is now available again, but I noticed that it is now on tfs02.codeplex.com. Well, at least it looks like I can use the project space again. I am guessing that the data is gone though.

CS2007 released on time

Looks like the good people at Telligent have done it again. [CS] 2007 has been released into the wild. Congratulations guys. Time to upgrade [:)].