Triple grading

It has been quite a while since my last grading as I have spent this year focusing on the club and the students along with the other instructors. I was keen to move forward again, so my head instructor told me two weeks ago that I would be doing a triple grading, followed by a competition the week after that. Yesterday was the grading/graduation. On the whole, it went really well. I graduated with three others, one beginner and two other advanced students. My wife and parents... [More]

Styles come and go, but habits stick around much longer

I have been reading up on naming standards today. It has been quite a while since I challenged by naming convention habits. This has all come about because I was using GhostDoc today to quickly put in the bulk of comments in an assembly for me to then go through and tweak.What I found was that GhostDoc didn't like some of my parameter naming. This was the catalyst for my reading about naming standards after thinking about naming standards for quite a while. I read Microsoft's naming guidelines... [More]

Sleet Geek 2006 - For people who like sleet with their inner geek

I put out a blatant teaser a couple of weeks ago for an idea that came out of a chat Dave and I had at CodeCamp last month. With some prodding from Dave and now Frank, I have finally made my ideas public. Sleet Geek 2006 has now officially been born. If you are a geek (even if you're not, we still might let you come along) and you love the snow, then join us for this community event. It will be two days packed with snow action with some community dinner and pub time on Saturday night. Ch... [More]

Control registrations from web.config

Scott Guthrie posted some ASP.Net tips several weeks ago. There were heaps of great ideas that he put into his presentation, one of which was about registering controls for aspx pages. User controls and custom controls that are used on a page need to be registered. The control registration allows a tag prefix to be defined and identifies the location where the control can be found. These control registrations are normally placed at the top of the aspx markup along with the page directive. If yo... [More]

XML Intellisense in Visual Studio 2005

Last week, a colleague told me how to get intellisense support in xml documents in the VS2005 IDE. It is really easy, although there are some interesting quirks in the process. To pull this off, you first need to get an xsd file that defines your xml file. The IDE uses the xsd file to know what elements and attributes are available for a specified location in the document. The next step is to get at the property grid for your xml file. Just selecting the file in Solution Explorer and then disp... [More]

The goods are arriving

Just a couple of days ago, I went to the Perisher Blue site to see how the snow was going. There was nothing but grass apart from a light dusting at the top of the high mountains. It's a little different now. Sweet!   <subliminalAdvertising>Sleet Geek 06</subliminalAdversting>

CSS/Control Adapters - The word is almost out

I have been developing some control adapters over the last month. Control adapters are really cool stuff for ASP.Net. They allow you to modify the rendering behavior of a control in a way that is independent from the control and the web site code. Scott Guthrie posted about control adapters late last year and again more recently. One of the greatest uses I have come across for control adapters is for developers to use controls that they are familiar with, such as the intrinsic ASP.Net controls,... [More]

Doing the unexpected constitutes poor design

I just went to a website for a company that a friend now works for. They have included a search engine in their site. Given that I am interested in the contents of this site, I thought I would give the search a go. No matter what search criteria I enter, I get taken to a FAQ page. So is this a bug in their code, or were there just no results and they assumed that I would figure that out? This is a great example of poor design. If the user is expecting results, don't give them som... [More]