WPF UserControls can't be found by the Orcas IDE

I have created some WPF UserControls, but referencing them in XAML is causing grief in the VS IDE. If I have a UserControl that is in the applications assembly, I set up the namespace mapping with something like the following: <Page x:Class="XAMLBrowserApplication1.Page1" xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/winfx/2006/xaml/presentation" xmlns:x="http://schemas.microsoft.com/winfx/2006/xaml" Title="Page1" xmlns:stuff="clr-namespace:XAMLBrowserApplication1.Controls"... [More]

Navigating XBAP to a different page

Surprisingly, one of the first major problems I had with WPF was when I tried to figure out how to navigate to a new WPF page inside an XBAP application. Sure, there are a few controls which encapsulate this functionality (like the Frame and Hyperlink controls), but I wanted to fire a navigation from a button click or double click of a listbox item. I was researching the net for a day and a half and coming up empty. Could it be this difficult? Should it be? The answer to these questions is no, ... [More]

WPF - The beginning

In my new job, I have been tasked with the great opportunity of building a prototype application in [WPF]. The .Net 3.0 RC1 came out last weekend so I have been using these latest bits. It has been a very interesting experience getting my hands dirty with [WPF], but it has been difficult for the last few days without VS integration. Thankfully, the extensions for VS2005 came out last night. Grab them here.

Finally an outcome on a submitted bug

Back in April, I posted to the Product Feedback Center regarding a bug I found in the htmltextwriter. Finally there is an official response to the submission. Unfortunately, this bug falls into the red bits category, and so we are not able to address it in Orcas due to the potential for it to introduce compatibility issues. Bummer. And it was such a simple fix.

DHTML edit control to be removed in Vista

I came across this post as I was catching up on my feeds after TechEd. I haven't read the post in detail, but it looks like a lot of applications will suffer some changes in the near future when the DHTML edit control is removed from the next OS.

TechEd post roundup

I have finally put my posts together for my TechEd experience for this year. These are the main posts if your interested: TechEd - Morning of Day 1 TechEd - Afternoon of Day 1 TechEd - Developing Manageable WCF Services Tech.Coffee TechEd - Morning of Day 2 TechEd - Afternoon of Day 2 TechEd - Morning of Day 3 TechEd - Afternoon of Day 3

TechEd - Afternoon of Day 3

Well, we have reached the end of TechEd. The last session I went to was Advanced Windows Presentation Foundation: Integrating With Your Windows Forms Applications & The Web by Arik Cohen. This was a really fascinating session as Arik presented the possibilities for WPF in windows applications and in the browser. I think the thing I liked most about this is that you can create your WPF application with the rich user experience, but host it in the browser which will also constrain the applicat... [More]

TechEd - Morning of Day 3

I was quite surprised that most people were up and awake after the night before. I do know of a couple of people who partied hard at the nightclub, then went on from there. They didn't quite make the first session, but managed to get there for the second session of the day. My first session for the day was ASP.NET 2.0 Tips and Tricks by Scott Guthrie. I had previously seen the PowerPoint deck and the code for this presentation from previous times Scott has presented it throughout the year. Even ... [More]