Dynamic searching in TSQL

As I have been writing some SQL Server based software recently, I want to expose a standard way of providing searching capabilities for tables and views. The initial implementation started with a set of WHERE conditions like the following: WHERE (FieldA = @FieldAValue OR @FieldAValue IS NULL)        (FieldB = @FieldBValue OR @FieldBValue IS NULL) I now want to extend this functionality to include sorting and perhaps paging as well. I came across this article b... [More]

Object cache keys and equality

For some bizarre reason (meaning I really don't know why), I have always built cache key values as strings when the key being represented is a set of values. On Friday, my eyes were opened to the fact that it is much better to create a rich object that represents the key values. The question then come down to equality testing of the reference type to make sure that the cache keys are correctly identified. Understanding Equality in C# on [CodeProject] is a concise article that was helpful fo... [More]

Free digital certificates from StartCom/StartSSL

I was doing some reading a while ago about digital certificates. The kind of certificate I was after was so that I could use HTTPS in IIS. It looked like the certificates were all very expensive for what they are. I finally came across a post that referred to StartCom. These guys offer free digital certificates for domain or email validation. At this stage, the only hitch is that the CA certificate is not on client machines by default, but can be installed from the StartCom site. Check... [More]

WCF versioning

[MSDN] has a set of articles regarding WCF versioning that are good to cast your eyes over. Service Versioning Data Contract Versioning Best Practices: Data Contract Versioning Collection Types in Data Contracts

Working with DNS configuration

A little while ago, I was playing with DNS entries. I was having a few issues here and there with DNS and mail configuration. After doing some research, I came across DNS Report which was absolutely brilliant for troubleshooting my problems. DNS Report is related to DNS Stuff which has many more tools to test domains, IP's, hostnames and more. On a side note, I have been using DNSExit for my DNS services including backup MX. Their DNS services are great, but the backup MX at $20USD/domain was a ... [More]

Activator.CreateInstance speed

This is another one of those memory (as in I want to keep some kind of reference to this post) type of posts. I had previous come across the Activator.CreateInstance and beyond post by Haibo Luo about the performance of Activator.CreateInstance, but had since forgotten about it. Now it's here to stay [:)].

Assembly loading failure logging

This is basically a reminder post, but you might find it useful. In the development I have been doing in the last few months, I have been doing a lot of config based assembly loading. Trying to find out why an assembly doesn't load can be very difficult though. Check out Suzanne Cook's post about fuslogvw.exe.