Example of coding for testability

I have done it again. In order to work on a particular project, I have been sidetracked into writing a utility to help me continue with what I am actually trying to do. In my defense, I did look around the net for an application that would do what I needed so I didn't have to write it, but no application seemed appropriate. In essence, I need an application to resolve all the links internal to a website and check their status. This will give me an initial view of the state of the site. I then w... [More]

GetPublicKey - InternalsVisibleTo

I posted previously about using the InternalsVisibleTo attribute for unit testing and how I had come across David Kean's very helpful PublicKey application. I have been using this application for the last month or so and it has been great, until yesterday. I changed the snk file used by my solution. This caused an interesting Catch-22 situation. AssemblyA couldn't compile because it had an InternalsVisibleTo attribute pointing to AssemblyATest, which now has the wrong PublicKey val... [More]

Lack of softie unit testing

I have been trying to pull off something very interesting in recent days. I need to hijack the rendering of a DetailsView control so that it renders different html rather than the inbuilt table element structure. I have mostly pulled this off by using browser files and control adapters to hook into the rendering process at which time I can get the control to render into a custom HtmlTextWriter. This is great because the page developer just needs to use Microsoft's DetailsView rather tha... [More]