Comments now on Disqus

I’ve suspected for years that the comment support on my blog (BlogEngine.Net) have been faulty. Unfortunately they have always worked for me when I have tested them as an anonymous user as well as an authenticated user. I have finally migrated comment support over the Disqus with recent users mentioning they have commented but the comments were never saved. Hopefully the conversation on blog entries will start up again.

LinkFixer BlogEngine.Net extension released

For a while now I have been battling issues with fully qualified urls in my blog posts and pages that link internally back to the blog. There are several scenarios that cause me grief in this regard: Adding an additional domain name Several years ago I registered a new shorter domain name and had both pointed at this blog. One issue with this is links in existing posts served on the new domain having a fully qualified reference using the old domain. I want all thes... [More]

Supporting optional mobile theming in [BE]

I posted a feature request on the [BE] CodePlex site a few weeks ago because I wanted the ability for mobile users to opt in and out of using the mobile theme. The primary reason for this was that I wanted to be able to access the admin features of my own blog from my phone from time to time. This was not easily possible using the standard mobile theme. I figured it wouldn’t be too hard to implement so I bashed it out yesterday and pushed up a fork. The change has been accepted by rutr who add... [More]

Stardust theme update instructions for BlogEngine.Net 2.0

I had a couple of issues with the excellent Stardust theme I use on this site after upgrading to [BE] 2.0. The following are the changes I made to make the theme compatible. Post.IsCommentEnabled has been changed to Post.HasCommentEnabled. This appears in themes/stardust/PostView.ascx. Login.aspx has been moved into the Account folder. Modify the reference to this in themes/stardust/site.master in the code MenuClass("account/login.aspx") Similarly to #2, modify the reference ... [More]

Neovolve.BlogEngine.Web 2.0 released

Along with the updates to my [BE] extensions, Neovolve.BlogEngine.Web 2.0 is now released. Neovolve.BlogEngine.Web 2.0 contains an HTTP module that supports CS style urls (as of several years ago at least). There is no functional change in this release as it is simply a refresh against the latest [BE] 2.0 binaries. You can download this release from here.

Updated Neovolve BE support in CodePlex

I have released the new versions of my BE related projects in CodePlex. Neovolve.BlogEngine.Web 1.1 Neovolve.BlogEngine.Web 1.1 contains a redirector module that translates Community Server url formats into BlogEngine urls. This module will redirect Community Server pages, posts, month post lists, day post lists, tags, syndication and tagged syndication urls to the most appropriate location in BlogEngine. BlogEngine relies on its own friendly written urls when the urls are processed. This modu... [More]

SyntaxHighlighter 2.1 extension released for BlogEngine

I have created a new version of my SyntaxHighlighter extension for [BE] that works with SyntaxHighlighter 2.1. It will work with earlier PRE tag formats from version 1.5 by enabling the Legacy Support option. This version allows you to define the following options. The default values for the extension are indicated. Brushes are automatically determined by finding script files that are in the format shBrush*.js. If I don’t want a brush to be included, I just rename its extension from .js to ... [More]

Upgrading to BlogEngine.Net 1.6

Like Dave, I was keen to upgrade my site to the latest [BE] release (download here). I did find a few issues with the upgrade though as I was also migrating from ASP.Net user/roles management to the [BE] implementation. To help with this process, I wrote a SQL script that did the following: Enabled error logging (useful for troubleshooting) Removed the Commentor extension configuration (new comment support is in this release) Upgraded post contents to migrate from SyntaxHighlighter 1.5 to 2... [More]