I have to say, Geoff has a very unique take on CAPTCHA which has just gone live on his site. I think his GAPTCHA control is so much fun that it is going to backfire on him. Geoff is going to end up with a whole lot of comment spam regardless because people will want to play with his new toy!

ASP.Net errors

Sorry people. This is just a note to myself because every few months I come across the same problems with a new development build. Failed to access IIS metabase: aspnet_regiis -i Mutex Could not be Created: Solution posted here by Joao Morais. I have got the same issue. It seems like Visual studio 2005 and the web application pool running ASP.NET 2.0 are having a conflict over the temporary folder.The workaround I have got for now is:- If you have visual studio 2005 is open, close it-... [More]

CAPTCHA and accessibility

Over the last week, I have been reading and commenting about CAPTCHA's in Sara Ford's post about her New Comment Policy. This is riding on the back of me implementing CAPTCHA for this site. Sara has some really interesting things to say regarding CAPTCHA and accessibility. I wonder if anyone has actually implemented an accessible CAPTCHA system.

Dave's CAPTCHA deserves some link love

I thought that I would not give in to comment spam. You might be thinking that I did give in, but you would be wrong. Ok, so I kinda did give in, it just depends on your point of view. Comment spam has been getting more than rediculous over the last couple of weeks. I guess I am flattered that people think that this site gets enough readership that attempting to flood me with comment spam is a worthwhile venture. Unfortunately for me, the spammers still haven't caught on to the fact that moderat... [More]

Control adapters to the PNG rescue

I came across a post in the Code Project feed this morning called 'Using a Control Adapter to Properly Display PNG Images in IE' by Charles Windhausen. This is such a simple and very effective way around the PNG problem in IE. Fantastic idea.

Finally an outcome on a submitted bug

Back in April, I posted to the Product Feedback Center regarding a bug I found in the htmltextwriter. Finally there is an official response to the submission. Unfortunately, this bug falls into the red bits category, and so we are not able to address it in Orcas due to the potential for it to introduce compatibility issues. Bummer. And it was such a simple fix.

Do they ever look like you thought?

I was doing a few things with a local radio station when I was a teenager and I saw a comic in the broadcast room. I was displaying a child being comforted by his mother after finding out what the radio announcer looked like. I never thought about it until then, but it is interesting how we create some kind of mental picture or impression regarding what well known people look like when we have never seen them before. I am looking forward to meeting Scott Guthrie at TechEd, but do I know what he ... [More]

Kingston 1.0

Kingston is a little utility that hosts an IE browser and allows you to provide a different user-agent with the browsers requests to web servers. This is great if you need to test the output of a web server based on a specific browser type. Download: Kingston 1.0 Setup.msi (495.50 kb)

ASP.Net Virtual Theme Provider 1.0 released

I have been working on a fun project recently. I have put together a VirtualThemeProvider that uses the VirtualPathProvider in the 2.0 framework. The VirtualThemeProvider provides functionality for flexible ASP.Net theme support. It provides the ability to merge theme directories with a global theme directory and theme directory filtering. Full source is provided with this project. I would like to get any feedback, comments and suggestions that you have for this project. If you ... [More]


I had a fairly pressured two weeks preparing for my graduation and I was really happy with how I performed. Glav's efforts certainly put things into perspective though. Congratulations Glav That's a lot of work.